About us

Office of lawyer Emad Qarawi is licensed to practice legal services in various areas of law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its main office located in Jeddah additionally for Makkah Al Mukarramah  office , where we service and representation of local and foreign companies and individuals. Where we are keen to use a combination of traditional and modern means of communication with our valued customer, and to inform them of developments in a timely manner and on an ongoing basis, so as to discuss all the changes that occur during the course of the case and its impact on the expected results, negotiation or judiciary as these and other services are available to our valued customers, so as to respond to all inquiries. We are offered high quality services to meet the client’s interests to help build a strong state for a long-term relationship. And our priorities and our guarantee to provide legal services include the legitimacy and quality to protect the interests.

The experience of lawyer Emad AlQarawi in a diverse and in-depth law firm has enabled it to provide expert advice based on the global and regional expertise of its client base