Legal and Legal Consultancy Services

الاستشارة القانونية هي رأي مكتوب يقوم بتقديمه المحامي/المستشار القانوني، بناء على طلب موكله لحاجة موكله لذلك أو لتقديمه لطرف آخر في الاتفاقية/العقد، وتوضح الخلاصة القانونية حول الموضوع دون توضيح المبررات التي ارتكز عليها في خلاصته. وتطلق كلمة الاستشارة القانونية في بعض الأحيان على كل المذكرة القانونية

Legal and legal advisory services are one of the most important elements of the success of any business or institutional in a country where laws and regulations are varied and their sources vary

In these transactions, the Office has the theoretical knowledge and practical experience, knowing the procedural aspects of the client in various systems and procedures

For all customer inquiries and strategic topics

, So as to ensure the safety of its decisions and steps to implement them

Our services in this field are based on three pillars. The first is our desire to be an effective element in facilitating and completing the transaction in full

The second is to do our best to serve our customers not only by explaining the problems and risks they may face, but also by proposing solutions and providing alternatives

The third pillar is our endeavor to provide our legal support to our clients at all stages of the transaction

Starting with the negotiation stages

 Through the drafting of contracts and amendments that may occur, and to the stage of implementation

With our expertise and proficiency in our work, we deal with the legal and legal problems and formalize and legitimize the client’s business

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