Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements

تولى المكتب إعداد و مراجعة العقود والاتفاقيات التي يكون العميل طرفاً فيها، وذلك من خلال نخبة من المستشارين والمتخصصين في مختلف أنواع العقود، ومن ذلك عقود المشاركات والتمويل والاستثمار والمقاولات وغيرها.

Our vision of the Decade as a document reflects the agreement reached by the parties

And translate it into texts and concepts of a legal and legitimate nature

Our drafting style begins with our keen desire to understand all aspects of the transaction to be carefully formulated and then ask questions and clarify the legal gaps, if any

And make relevant suggestions so that the customer has a complete vision of all the terms of the contract

And the consequent rights and duties. Taking into account the speed of delivery in a manner that does not interfere with workmanship

Our law firm offices in Jeddah and Makkah Al Mukarramah  have expertise in drafting contracts and agreements for various types of financial and commercial transactions and all types of transactions in Saudi Arabia.

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