4 Ways Teachers Can Assess Online Learners’ Output

4 Ways Teachers Can Assess Online Learners’ Output

Any school teacher, online or in-person, has to assess learners’ output on a regular basis in order to make sure they are on the right path. Here are four ways that teachers can assess online learners’ output and tell if they are making the right progress.

1) By the Quality of Their Work
A teacher can assess a student’s work by looking at the quality of the work. Quality of work is often related to how much time was spent on the assignment and how much effort was put into it. If a student spends more time on an assignment and seems to care about it, they are likely to turn in better quality work than someone who spent less time on their assignment.

2) By the Quantity of Their Work
Teachers can assess an online learner’s output by the quantity of their work, such as the number of words they write or how many problems they solve in a certain time period. They may also be graded on their work quality, such as whether they provide concrete examples to back up their theories. A teacher may also assess an online learner’s output by whether or not they are active in class discussion and if so, what type of input they provide.

3) By Their Engagement in Class
One way that teachers can assess online learners is by the level of engagement with the class. The teacher can create an activity for their class, and see how much time the student spends on it and what level of participation they exhibit. From this, the teacher may be able to tell if the student is engaged in the class or not. This method also helps with understanding what students enjoy learning about and which topics they need more instruction in.

4) By Their Participation in Discussions
One way to evaluate an online learner’s output is by the number of forum discussions they have participated in. This gives you a sense of what they are interested in and their level of confidence. If they do not participate in forums, it might be difficult for them to convey their thoughts and ideas to others.

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