Agreement between Brokers

Agreement between brokers

When it comes to buying or selling a property, a broker can play a crucial role in the process. Brokers work for buyers and sellers and help them find each other and negotiate a deal. However, when multiple brokers are involved in a transaction, it becomes important to have an agreement between them to avoid conflicts and ensure a smooth deal. In this article, we will discuss the importance of an agreement between brokers and what it should include.

Why is an agreement between brokers important?

An agreement between brokers is necessary to set clear guidelines and boundaries for their roles and responsibilities. It ensures that each broker knows what they are responsible for and what they can expect from the other broker. This agreement also helps to avoid conflicts between brokers, which can delay or even derail the transaction.

Moreover, it is important to note that an agreement between brokers is also required by law in some states. For example, in New York, the Department of State has issued regulations that require a written agreement between brokers when two or more brokers are involved in a transaction.

What should an agreement between brokers include?

An agreement between brokers should include the following:

1. The names of the brokers involved in the transaction

2. The property being bought or sold

3. The commission split between the brokers

4. The responsibilities of each broker

5. The timeline for the transaction

6. The process for resolving disputes between brokers

The commission split is an essential part of the agreement between brokers as it determines how much each broker will receive in compensation for their work. Typically, the commission is split equally between the brokers involved in a transaction. However, in some cases, the commission may be split unequally if one broker is doing more work than the other.

The responsibilities of each broker should also be clearly defined in the agreement. For example, one broker may be responsible for finding potential buyers while the other is responsible for negotiating the terms of the deal. By defining these responsibilities, each broker knows what is expected of them and can work together more efficiently.

Finally, the agreement should include a process for resolving disputes between brokers. Disputes can arise in any transaction, and it`s important to have a process in place for resolving them quickly and fairly.


An agreement between brokers is essential for a successful property transaction. It sets out clear guidelines and boundaries for brokers, ensuring that they work together efficiently and effectively. The agreement should include the names of the brokers involved, the property being bought or sold, the commission split, the responsibilities of each broker, the timeline for the transaction, and the process for resolving disputes between brokers. By having a written agreement in place, brokers can avoid conflicts, and buyers and sellers can have a smooth and stress-free transaction.