High Speed Injury Accidents in MO & KS

High Speed Injury Accidents in MO & KS

Speeding is a contributory cause in one-third of all traffic accidents, and the leading cause of fatal collisions.  What should you do if you were injured in a high-speed vehicle collision in Missouri or Kansas?  You might have medical costs, months of rehabilitation time, vehicle repairs, loss of income, and possibly more, while you’re trying to heal.

As the injured party, you have the right under Missouri and Kansas law to seek proper compensation for your losses from the at-fault party. High-speed crashes are costly, and are among the most expensive accident claims.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone else’s negligence in a high speed accident in Missouri or Kansas, our experienced Kansas City accident attorney understands how to navigate the legal challenges and get you the maximum compensation you deserve. Call our office today for a free consultation at 816-203-0143.  You don’t have to handle these personal injury claims alone. 

What Are Common Causes of High Speed Injury Accidents?

speeding driver in vehicleThere are several reasons why people disregard safe speed limits and drive irresponsibly. High speed injury accidents are generally caused by:

  • a negligent driver
  • irresponsible or aggressive driving practices
  • distracted drivers
  • failure to observe traffic laws.

Excessive speed raises the likelihood of a car accident and is the leading cause of road deaths in Kansas City.  The quicker an automobile travels, the longer it takes to slow down and stop. 

On a positive note, while the Kansas City police reported an increase in high-speed collisions in the first five months of 2021, they also reported a decrease in deaths. There were 5,778 vehicle accidents, but only 22 were fatalities.

Common Injuries from High-Speed Accidents in Kansas City

The severity of the injuries sustained in high speed accidents is closely connected to the speed of the vehicles involved in the incident.  The faster a vehicle moves when it crashes, the more likely the physical or property damage it will incur.

High speed-related car accidents can often inflict great pain, suffering, and injury to accident victims, including:

Many injuries may not manifest themselves immediately following an accident. Symptoms can occur days, weeks, or even months after the incident, depending on the type of injury.  If you are in a vehicle accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible when you experience any pain or discomfort. Our advice is to be checked out thoroughly after any accident.

What to Do After a High-Speed Car Accident in Missouri or Kansas

High speed accidents can cause substantial harm and victims have a right to compensation for their pain and suffering.  Some situations may even lead to long-term disability.  While holding the at-fault motorist responsible for losses does not reverse the damages inflicted by the accident, a settlement can help the victim and their family financially recover and provide the means to heal.

Having our car accident attorney on your side after a high-speed collision helps you preserve your rights and avoid making mistakes that might jeopardize your case. Your subsequent actions after an accident may significantly influence the success of your claim. Here are some crucial steps you should take to protect the validity of your claim:

1.    Seek Appropriate Medical Treatment

It is critical to seek medical assistance immediately following a high speed car accident. Your injuries are more likely to be serious due to the nature of the collision. If you cannot dial 911, have an eye-witness do so as soon as possible.

Medical expenditures are frequently the foundation of a car accident compensation claim. The invoices you gather from any treatment will prove when your accident occurred and that the speeding driver was directly responsible for your injuries.

2.    Gather Evidence

Compiling evidence after an accident may involve photographing the accident site and your injuries, getting eye-witness names, phone numbers and statements, and police reports. You should also get the other driver’s and other involved parties’ contact information.

Document your injuries as quickly as possible after the accident, and continue to chronicle them until you’ve fully recovered. Additionally, your pictures should include any wraps, aids, prescriptions, or scars from the accident, as this relates to your medical costs and mental distress.  Pay special attention to anything that concerns speeding. 

3.    Choose Your Words Carefully

Insurance companies and attorneys representing opposing parties may attempt to contact you.  Our advice is not to speak to the negligent driver’s insurance company or attorney. They will try to exploit your statements to incriminate you for the incident. It is preferable to direct such queries to our personal injury lawyer on your behalf.

Let Our Kansas City Injury Attorney Help After a High Speed Crash

When you’ve been injured in a high-speed accident, you need to put all your efforts into getting better.  That’s where we come in.  At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, our experienced personal injury attorney will navigate the legal system for you.  We will seek compensation for your injuries and accident-related expenditures as soon as possible.

You can trust we’re on your side.  Call our office today at 816-203-0143 or go online to use our chat or fill out the contact form for a free consultation.  You can also download our free book right now.  After a high-speed accident in Missouri or Kansas, you don’t have to figure it out alone, we’re here to help.


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