Magician David Blaine Injured at Vegas Show

Magician David Blaine Injured at Vegas Show

Once, Howard Stern made the bold statement that David Blaine is the greatest magician who ever lived. While that statement may or may not be true, Blaine has continued to wow the world with his illusions and tricks since his very first magic special that aired in 1997.

Early in March of 2023, Blaine proved his endurance and persistence when he got injured while performing a stunt during a show in Las Vegas. According to reports, Blaine was performing at Resorts World. He was just starting out his show when he went to perform a stunt in which he jumps down from 80 feet into a stack of boxes. During the fall, he reportedly dislocated his shoulder.

In a surprising turn of events, doctors that were in the audience stepped forward and treated Blaine on site. His shoulder was popped back into place, and the show went on!

Later on, Blaine made a statement explaining the situation. He says that he is in love with magic and that he often performs stunts that push him beyond his limits. He has trained his entire life, but there is always an implied danger when performing some extreme stunts to make “possible what feels impossible.”

Are Stunt Accidents Avoidable?

While Blaine admits that the dangerous stunt itself was the biggest cause of his recent accident, that’s not always the case in every stunt or accident that happens in a show. Often, other factors can cause or contribute to stunt or show accidents.

For example, usually these stunts are planned out in advance. Someone is responsible for not only planning out how the stunt will go but also for ensuring that the stunt is performed as safely as possible. Usually, there’s also a person who is in charge of setting up a stunt area, too.

If any one of these individuals is negligent during the planning or prepping stage, then that can cause the main performer to suffer a serious accident and injury. In these cases, the injured performer could potentially seek out a claim against the stunt preparation team, the stunt coordinator, or even the venue itself.

If you recently experienced a stunt-related accident or an accident while you performing, then your best course of action is to speak with a personal injury attorney about what happened. If you’re in the Vegas area, then we can help. Schedule a consultation with our lawyers now to find out more.

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