Two 16-Year-Olds Perish in Car Crash

Two 16-Year-Olds Perish in Car Crash

On March 9th at around 12:30 P.M., the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was called out to respond to a serious collision on Pecos Road and East Hacienda Avenue. Once they arrived, they discovered two minors in a Pontiac G6 in critical condition.

Tragically, the 16-year-old passenger was pronounced deceased at the scene of the crash, while the 16-year-old driver was rushed to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. A short time later, the driver passed away at the hospital.

Authorities also discovered a Ford Explorer. A passenger inside that vehicle suffered minor injuries.

After investigating what happened, police determined that the two minors were driving northbound on Pecos. They ignored a red light and entered into an intersection. While running the red light, they hit the Ford Explorer. The Pontiac spun out of control, swerved into a sidewalk, and then smashed directly into a streetlight pole. It’s likely that the teenagers weren’t wearing seat-belts because they both were thrown from the car.

Police posted video footage showing what the crash scene looked like after the incident. According to the responding police sergeant, these two recent tragic deaths marked the 36th and 37th traffic fatalities in the jurisdiction that his team has investigated since the start of 2024. Alongside the video footage, police posted the caption, “This collision was preventable.”

What You Need to Know About Car Accident Injuries

A fatal accident is extremely tragic, especially when the deceased were minors. That said, this incident still resulted in significant injuries to another person who was not at fault whatsoever for the crash. It was the other car that was driving recklessly and violated traffic laws by running the light.

Depending on the extent of the victim’s injuries, it might still be possible to seek financial recourse for their losses despite the tragic nature of the situation.

The parents of the minor should have had a car insurance policy in place that would kick in to cover their losses. If your losses are significant and the insurance policy doesn’t provide enough coverage or the parents don’t have the right insurance, then it might be necessary to file a claim against the parents.

In similar types of circumstances in Las Vegas, you’ll need to determine if the other driver was at-fault for your accident. When the drivers were not minors, then that doesn’t limit your options. You can still file a claim with that driver’s insurance company. If the accident was fatal for the other driver, then it’s possible to seek a claim against their estate.

If you’ve recently been in an accident in Las Vegas and you’re not sure what options you have for financial recovery, then your best option is to reach out to a local personal injury attorney. The right lawyer will help you determine your legal options based on the specific facts surrounding your accident and the extent of your injuries.

Are you ready to get started on your potential claim? Schedule a meeting with our team now to learn more about how we can help.

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